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Tree Removal Services in Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, and on the Central Coast 

Kingdoms Tree Care is a preferred council contractor for the Central Coast Council and we approach each job with the utmost care and respect. Since 1992, we’ve also developed a large base of repeat residential and commercial clients who trust us over anyone else with their tree maintenance projects.

With a wealth of industry experience and skills, as well as manpower and the latest equipment, Kingdom Tree Care can handle your simple and challenging tree maintenance jobs. From tree removals and tree lopping to stump grinding and wood chipping, the quality of our work is always exceptional. 

Dangerous trees

As part of our complete tree maintenance services, we can help to protect you and your property from dangerous and hazardous trees. Dead and storm-damaged trees can create an even more dangerous environment for removal, so it's crucial to call in the experts as soon as possible. Our professional arborists ensure the safety of your residential and commercial properties and can advise you on the right course of action for your individual situation. 

Tree pruning

Professional tree pruning ensures the aesthetics, health and safety of your trees. Our tree maintenance experts on the Central Coast can also assist in increasing tree life, new growth and removing storm-affected and dead branches through specialist tree pruning. In some cases, a good prune will improve ventilation through windows and increase sunlight. Give us a ring to arrange an onsite inspection for advice on how we can enhance the beauty of your trees. 

Tree lopping & removal

Just like most living things, trees can become sick and eventually die. When a tree is diseased, damaged or dead, or in a dangerous position, it may need to be removed by qualified arborists. Here at Kingdoms Tree Care, we provide tree lopping and removal with maximum safety and effectiveness. As trees are a necessity to the environment to provide a habitat for wildlife and the quality of our lives, we only remove trees that we deem unsafe or dangerous.

Tree maintenance

Kingdoms Tree Care can provide programmed maintenance for large residential trees and commercial and government organisations requiring fixed tree maintenance. We’ll undertake an inspection of all trees on a rolling basis, checking for any defects that may be hazardous, changes in size and safety and the pruning treatment required. As part of our professional tree maintenance programs, we will remove overhanging limbs and thin out and reduce tree size where necessary. 
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